About Us

Compass Financial Strategies is a fee-based investment adivisor that provides wealth management by utilizing risk, returns, and tax-managed portfolios of structured funds.  Our advice is based on the highly respected research indexes designed by Eugene Fama and Kenneth French and is documented in their researched and reviewed publication.

Our business is about financial education.  We help people gain peace of mind by developing life-long financial strategies and goals.

LeRoy Bell

LeRoy Bell is president of Compass Financial Strategies with more than 30 years of experience in developing wealth accumulation plans.  A graduate of Texas Tech University, he was president of the Texas Association of Life Underwriters and trustee of the National Association of Life Underwriters.  He holds the CLU insurance specialty from The American College.


Deborah Bell

Deborah Bell is vice president of Compass Financial Strategies.  A graduate of the University of Arkansas, she is a member and former vice president of the Texas State Board of Nursing and former vice president of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce.  She holds the CLU insurance specialty and ChFC advanced financial planning from The American College.


How We Differ from Registered Representatives

RIAs and Registered Representatives

  Registered Investment Advisor Registered Representative
Primary Function Investment advice for my overall financial circumstances Facilitate securities purchase and sale transactions for their clients
Compensation Typically charge a flat fee for advice or a percentage of assets under management Usually commission-based
Responsibility to Client When providing investment advice, investment advisors are fiduciaries and are legally bound to work in their clients’ best interests and they must disclose conflicts of interest When making a recommendation, registered representatives must determine that the investment is suitable for the client
Regulatory RIAs are overseen by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or state regulatory agencies Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the SEC and state regulatory agencies


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