Investment Philosophy

Tuning Out the Noise

Do you look at the market several times a day, do you watch the financial channels on your television and do you listen to all the predictions about the market??

Then I recommend that you read the attached article and let me know what you think.

Tuning Out the Noise


IN 2016, the US market reached new highs and stocks in a majority of developed and emerging market countries delivered positive returns.  The year began with anxiety over China's stock market and economy, falling oil prices, a potential US recession, and negative interest rates in Japan.   US equity markets were in steep decline and had the worst start of any year on record.&


March 2016


Have you ever made yourself suffer through a bad movie because, having paid the ticket, you felt you had to get your money's worth? Some people treat investment the same way.

Behavioral economists have a name for this tendency to stick with a losing strategy.  It's called the "sunk cost fallacy".

The Patience Principle

Global markets are providing investors a rough ride at the moment, as the focus turns to China's economic outlook.  But while falling markets can be  worrisome, maintaining a longer term perspective makes the volatility easier to handle

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