Health insurance

One of the greatest causes of personal financial despair is medical expenses. Health insurance helps prevent or minimize this anguish. The premiums you pay each month for your policy provide access to quality medical care, prescription drug copays, and an annual out-of-pocket limit so medical bills don’t continue to mount and cause major financial burdens. InGroup can provide you with free quotes from several different carriers for individual, group and Medicare supplement coverage.

Life insurance

What would happen to your family if you were to unexpectedly die tomorrow? Would your family be able to continue the lifestyle it has grown accustomed to? Would your spouse have to take a second job “to make ends meet”? Would your children be able to attend the college of their choice without you helping with tuition and expenses? Life insurance provides peace of mind for your family so that it will not have to suffer financially in the event of our passing. InGroup offers the term life, universal life and whole life insurance to meet your need.

Disability insurance

In many households today, it is imperative that there is at least one “bread winner.” What would happen if an injury or disease robbed you of the ability to work and earn a guaranteed salary? Disability insurance provides income to you while you are unable to work – providing you and your family a continuing source of income during this unforeseen time away from work.

Long term care

The costs of nursing home facilities and home health care continue to increase. The financial burden that can be placed on you and your family can be astronomical. Long term care insurance provides money to pay for the expenses you may incur for long term care or home health care.

Supplemental products

Health insurance is great to have, but there often are some “holes” in the policies. Products such as Aflac provide you with coverage to fill some of those holes and provide money in your pocket for covered services. Policies for conditions such as cancer, heart attack, stroke and hospitalization can put money in your pocket in the event of a catastrophe.

Medicare supplements

One thing we cannot avoid is growing older. As we approach 65 years of age – or in some cases older – we start considering Medicare supplements to provide health insurance benefits. InGroup can assist you through the entire process of gaining Medicare coverage.

Group and individual coverage

InGroup works with both groups and individuals to provide information, answer questions and meet their insurance needs. We enjoy the opportunity to meet with people and help them secure the coverage they feel comfortable with to protect them and their families.

Scott South

DSC_6583-300x201.jpgA native of Abilene, Scott South graduated from Cooper High School and earned two degrees from Abilene Christian University – a B.S. in education and a master’s degree in education. He spent nine years teaching, coaching and serving as an administrator in several school districts in the Abilene area before returning to Abilene to work in insurance. Scott is married and has two incredible kids that are the joy of his life.
Scott is an independent insurance agent, focusing on group and individual health, term life, universal life, disability, Medicare supplements, long-term care and other supplemental products such as Aflac. He quotes for many companies for health insurance, including but not limited to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, FirstCare, Aetna and HumanaOne.

He is also appointed by numerous carriers for life, disability and long-term care, including Genworth, Prudential, John Hancock, Mutual of Omaha, Banner, American General, Principal, Union Central, Unum, and Reliance Standard.

You are welcome to contact Scott for free quotes on these products. There are also HotLinks on this page from which you may obtain your own quote and complete your online application for individual health insurance.

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